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Team Denmark WOC 2011


Claus Bloch

Søren Bobach

Christian Christensen

Rasmus Thrane Hansen

Tue Lassen

Søren Schwartz SøRENSEN


Maja Alm

Ida Bobach

Emma Klingenberg

Signe Klinting

Signe Søes

Team Overview

1.Maja Alm 4th place
Qual: 3rd place
6th place
Qual: 4th place
 5th place
2.Claus Bloch    
3.Ida Bobach 21st place
Qual: 6th place
Qual: 10th place
 5th place
4.Søren Bobach    
5.Christian Christensen   30th place
Qual: 11st place
13rd place
6.Rasmus Thrane Hansen 19th place
Qual: 2nd place
 Qual: 20th place 13rd place
7.Emma Klingenberg 6th place
Qual: 7th place
  40th place
Qual: 11st place
8.Signe Klinting  Qual: 18th place  
9.Tue Lassen  7th place
Qual: 3rd place
37th place
Qual: 3rd place
13rd place
10.Signe Søes  26th place
Qual: 9th place
7th place
Qual: 1st place
5th place
11.Søren Schwartz SøRENSEN    
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Detailed Team information

Maja Alm
ClubUlricehamns OK (SWE)
Born date10.07.1988
Info/BiographyVery good sprinter who is one of the outsiders to WOC medals in sprint - even the gold medal on a perfect day. Got her big breakthrough in the European Champs in 2010 with a bronze medal at the sprint. Continued her great 2010 season with a 4th place in the overall Nordic Orienteering Tour after 5th and 4th spot in the two first races. Her speciality is sprint, but is also a very good relay runner. Winning the middle at the Nordic Champs 2007 (junior), and taking a bronze medal at the sprint at JWOC. Did not run WOC 2008 as she was focusing on JWOC only, but did not succeed individually in JWOC 2008.
Selected results 4. place, WOC 2011 Sprint
6. place, WOC 2011 Middle
3. place, EOC 2010 Sprint
9. place, WOC 2010 Sprint
4. place, WC 2011 #2, Sprint
11. place, WOC 2010 Middle
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Claus Bloch
ClubOK Pan Århus (DEN)
Born date12.03.1977
Info/BiographySprint specialist who took the bronze medal in his hometown of Aarhus at WOC 2006- Denmarks only medal in the championship. A cand.scient in microbiologi. Not selected for WOC 2008, and did not manage to impress in WOC 2009 with a 37th spot on the sprint. Finding back to some of his old shape with a 16th spot in the KnockOut-sprint at NORT in 2011.
Selected results 16. place, WC 2011 #2, Sprint
37. place, WOC 2009 Sprint
42. place, WC 2011 #3, Middle
51. place, WC 2010 #4, Middle
49. place, NOC 2009 Long
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Ida Bobach
ClubUlricehams OK
Born date30.07.1991
Info/BiographyQueen of JWOC 2009, JWOC 2010 and JWOC 2011 - and got her breakthrough in the senior class with a 3rd spot in the World Cup final in Geneva, Switzerland in the autumn of 2011. Could very well be a future world champion in the womens class - but 2011 is maybe too early? Jukola-winner with Ulricehamn 2009, running the first leg. In the Danish WOC team of 2010 - still as a junior. Nominated for the Orienteering Achievement of the year in 2009 for at only 18 years of age, becoming Queen of JWOC 2009 with 4 medals in 4 competitions - including the Gold medal on the Long distance! Also: Winner of Venla relay with Ulricehamns OK and winner of the JEC Relay for Denmark.
Selected results 2. place, WOC 2011 Middle
21. place, WOC 2011 Sprint
3. place, WC 2010 #12, Sprint
13. place, WOC 2010 Middle
5. place, WOC 2011 Relay
1. place, JWOC 2011 Long
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Søren Bobach
ClubHalden SK (NOR)
Born datexx.xx.1989
Info/BiographyThis extreme junior talent has struggled to get into the top 20 as a senior - with a 24th place at the sprint and 25th place at the middle in WOC 2010 in Trondheim as top results as a senior. Junior world champion as a 17-year old on the middle distance in 2006. Three more medals in Göteborg 2008 for this Danish talent. World Cup debut in the World Cup final 2009 still as a junior with 27th spot on middle and 28th spot on sprint. Nominated for the Ultimate Junior of 2008 after getting two bronze medals in Junior World Orienteering Champs in Gothenburg - over the sprint and middle distance. In addition very good runs on the big relays - Jukola and 10Mila. Nominated for the Junior of the year 2006 for becoming JWOC champion middle distance at the age of 17.
Selected results 24. place, WOC 2010 Sprint
25. place, WOC 2010 Middle
20. place, WC 2011 #3, Middle
28. place, EOC 2010 Sprint
34. place, WC 2011 #2, Sprint
45. place, EOC 2010 Middle
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Christian Christensen
ClubIFK Göteborg (SWE)/ OK Pan Århus (DEN)
Born date08.03.1984
Info/BiographyDid not qualify for the final in his WOC-debut 2008 on the long distance. 28th spot at the sprint in both WOC 2009 and EOC 2010.
Selected results 30. place, WOC 2011 Long
28. place, EOC 2010 Sprint
28. place, WOC 2009 Long
39. place, EOC 2010 Middle
42. place, WC 2011 #2, Sprint
43. place, WC 2011 #8, Long
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Rasmus Thrane Hansen
Born date08.11.1990
Info/BiographyStrong Danish sprinter, finishing 23rd in the WOC sprint in Trondheim in 2010 as a junior - winning the Junior World Championships Sprint the same year on homeground in Ålborg, Denmark.
Selected results 19. place, WOC 2011 Sprint
23. place, WOC 2010 Sprint
20. place, WC 2011 #2, Sprint
1. place, JWOC 2010 Sprint
38. place, WC 2011 #8, Long
54. place, WC 2011 #7, Middle
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Emma Klingenberg
Born date18.05.1992
Info/BiographyYet another strong Danish junior - being the best junior women beside Ida Bobach in JWOC 2011 in Poland. Running WOC 2011 as a junior. Nominated for the Ultimate Junior of 2008 after being the youngest Junior World Orienteering champ, winning the sprint distance at JWOC in Gothenburg in 2008. Also victory in EYOC Long distance, silver medal in EYOC sprint and victory in EYOC Relay 2008.
Selected results 6. place, WOC 2011 Sprint
40. place, WOC 2011 Long
2. place, JWOC 2011 Long
2. place, JWOC 2011 Sprint
3. place, JWOC 2011 Middle
1. place, JWOC 2008 Sprint
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Signe Klinting
Born date17.04.1990
Info/BiographyNominated for the Junior of the year 2006 for eing mere 16 years of age, she climbed podium in the JWOC Middle distance, where she took bronze.
Selected results 37. place, WC 2011 #3, Middle
38. place, WC 2011 #9, Middle
43. place, WC 2011 #2, Sprint
4. place, JWOC 2010 Middle
1. place, JWOC 2010 Relay
4. place, JWOC 2010 Long
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Tue Lassen
ClubBækkelagets SK (NOR) / Faaborg OK (DEN)
Born date28.11.1985
Info/BiographyTechnically strong Dane with a break-thru on the WC in Oslo 2008 (5th in the chasing start). Again showed his potential in EOC 2010 with a 6th place on the sprint.
Selected results 7. place, WOC 2011 Middle
37. place, WOC 2011 Long
15. place, WOC 2010 Middle
6. place, EOC 2010 Sprint
13. place, EOC 2010 Middle
18. place, WC 2011 #1, Sprint
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Webpage news
Signe Søes
ClubIFK Lidingö (SWE) /OK Pan Århus (DEN)
Born date08.04.1983
Info/BiographyMay be one of the big names in the women orienteering in the future - steadily improving her results and stability year by year. Reached her peak so far with a 2nd place at EOC Middle in 2010 after taking a 4th place at WOC sprint the year before. Has struggled with injuries in 2010 and 2011 - not being able to run fully until in February 2011. Comes from Sjælland originally, but has moved to Århus for her studies in biologi. Her twinbrother Rasmus is also in the Danish team, Signe is some minutes older, though... Very close to the medals in international championships for several years, improving steadily place by place with 5th place on the WOC long distance in 2008 and 4th place on the sprint in WOC 2009. Finally got her first international medal with silver medal at EOC middle 2010 in Bulgaria - a big surprise after being injured for several months not being able to do much running training. Moved to Stockholm in 2009 for her studies, and took the spring season of 2009 off the studies to focus fully on orienteering. Nominated for the Orienteering Achievement of the year 2008 after her real breakthrough in 2008 going from a top-15 runner to a Top-5 runner with 5th spot in the WOC Long Distance and second and third position in the World Cup final races as the top results.
Selected results 2. place, EOC 2010 Middle
7. place, WOC 2011 Long
26. place, WOC 2011 Middle
7. place, WOC 2010 Middle
4. place, WC 2011 #8, Long
4. place, WC 2011 #1, Sprint
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Søren Schwartz SøRENSEN
Born date28.12.1990
Selected results8. place, JWOC 2010 Sprint
9. place, JWOC 2010 Middle
15. place, JWOC 2010 Long
33. place, JWOC 2009 Sprint
103. place, JWOC 2009 Long
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