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Team Bulgaria WOC 2011


Lachezar Iliev

Ivaylo Kamenarov

Zlatko Kamenarov

Kiril Nikolov

Ivan Sirakov


Nataliya Dimitrova

Iliana Shandurkova

Team Overview

1.Nataliya Dimitrova 41st place
Qual: 8th place
Qual: 19th place 38th place
Qual: 11st place
2.Lachezar Iliev Qual: 21st place   
3.Ivaylo Kamenarov 36th place
Qual: 15th place
Qual: 18th place  17th place
4.Zlatko Kamenarov Qual: 26th place Qual: DSQ  
5.Kiril Nikolov 46th place
Qual: 13rd place
  29th place
Qual: 10th place
17th place
6.Iliana Shandurkova 14th place
Qual: 9th place
25th place
Qual: 13rd place
32nd place
Qual: 7th place
7.Ivan Sirakov 21st place
Qual: 12nd place
 Qual: 19th place 17th place
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Detailed Team information

Nataliya Dimitrova
ClubAkademik Varna (BUL)
Born date10.12.1980
Info/BiographySprint is her best discipline. Qualified for the sprint final of WOC 2008, finishing 37th. Improved that position to a 31st spot at EOC 2010 sprint.
Selected results 38. place, WOC 2011 Long
41. place, WOC 2011 Sprint
31. place, EOC 2010 Sprint
38. place, WOC 2009 Middle
40. place, WOC 2009 Sprint
48. place, EOC 2010 Middle
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Lachezar Iliev
ClubBrown Team (BUL)
Born date02.01.1979
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Ivaylo Kamenarov
ClubCompass Cross Russe (BUL)
Born date30.12.1985
Selected results 36. place, WOC 2011 Sprint
37. place, WOC 2010 Middle
50. place, EOC 2010 Sprint
59. place, WC 2010 #11, Middle
60. place, WC 2010 #10, Long
40. place, EOC 2008 Sprint
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Zlatko Kamenarov
ClubCompass cross Russe (BUL)
Born date17.12.1986
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Kiril Nikolov
ClubKalevan Rasti (FIN)
Born date06.11.1982
Info/BiographyStarted orienteering late - in 1998. Tried many sports before that, his major sport was highjumping (!). Studying finance and business at the National Sports Academy in Sofia. His breakthrough was 12th place on the sprint in WOC 2003, and he changed over in 3rd place at Tiomila 2005, just 2 seconds behind the leader. Did not succeed in Denmark - only 18th at his best. In 2007 he improved his best ever championship result to a 10th place on the long distance in WOC, further improving to a 6th place at WOC sprint in 2009. In 2010, he had big hopes for the EOC on home ground in Bulgaria, and finished 6th on the long distance although his hopes were higher. Changed to Halden SK ahead of 2009-season. Nickname: The Disl www.kirilnikolov.com
Selected results 29. place, WOC 2011 Long
46. place, WOC 2011 Sprint
16. place, WOC 2010 Sprint
26. place, WOC 2010 Long
6. place, WOC 2009 Sprint
6. place, EOC 2010 Long
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Iliana Shandurkova
ClubHalden SK (NOR) /Podem Gabrovo (BUL)
Born date09.08.1984
Info/BiographyMoved to Norway March 2009, representing Halden since the start of 2009-season. Took a big step towards Top 10 with her 14th place in the World Championships Sprint in Chambery, France in 2011. Very strong WOC results as a first year senior in Japan in 2005, with 20th place on the sprint and 22nd place on the middle.Stayed in Norway also in 2005 for one year - then representing Gular in Bergen.
Selected results 14. place, WOC 2011 Sprint
25. place, WOC 2011 Middle
32. place, WOC 2011 Long
30. place, WOC 2010 Long
35. place, WOC 2010 Middle
35. place, EOC 2010 Sprint
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Ivan Sirakov
ClubVariant 5 (BUL) / Kongsberg OL (NOR)
Born date02.01.1988
Info/BiographyA surprise bronze medalist at JWOC 2007 on sprint. Running sprint and relay at WOC 2008 as he did also 2007. Did not qualify for the final in WOC 2007 or EOC 2008, but was quite close. Lost out on qualification also in the WOC sprint 2008, by just one second.
Selected results 21. place, WOC 2011 Sprint
56. place, WC 2011 #9, Middle
104. place, JWOC 2008 Sprint
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