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Team Israel WOC 2011


Pavel Gvozdev



Team Overview

1.Pavel Gvozdev 27th place
Qual: 7th place
Qual: 32nd place Qual: 19th place  
2.Guy SABOQual: 23rd place Qual: 35th place Qual: 34th place  
3.Zef SEGALQual: 27th place Qual: 31st place   
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Detailed Team information

Pavel Gvozdev
ClubLapuan Virkia (FIN) / ASA TA (ISR)
Born date27.12.1983
Info/BiographyGrew up in Russia, and came to Israel when he was 18. The last years he has again been living and training in his native Russia. Is remembered for WOC 2006 when he got 16th place in all three qualifications (the 15 best goes to the final). Impressed in the long 2007 with a 21th place, and got to two WOC finals also in 2008. Struggled with injuries in 2009.
Selected results 27. place, WOC 2011 Sprint
25. place, WOC 2008 Middle
42. place, WOC 2008 Long
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Born date07.04.1991
Selected results122. place, JWOC 2011 Long
130. place, JWOC 2011 Sprint
98. place, JWOC 2010 Sprint
112. place, JWOC 2010 Long
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Born date09.08.1980
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