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Team Czech Republic EOC 2012


Adam Chromy

Stepan Kodeda

Vojtech Kral

Milos Nykodym

Jan Prochazka

Jan Šedivý

Tomáš Dlabaja


Ivana Bochenkova

Iveta Duchova

Michaela Omová

Vendula Klechová

Jana Knapova

Dana Safka Brožková

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Detailed Team information

Ivana Bochenkova
ClubSC Jičín (CZE), OK Linné (SWE)
Born date26.04.1989
ResidenceMníšek pod Brdy (CZE)
Selected results 31. place, WC 2011 #7, Middle
32. place, WC 2011 #8, Long
53. place, WC 2011 #9, Middle
28. place, JWOC 2009 Middle
29. place, JWOC 2009 Sprint
29. place, JWOC 2009 Long
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Adam Chromy
ClubSK Žabovřesky Brno (CZE), Kalevan Rasti (FIN)
Born date24.06.1988
Born placeBrno (CZE)
OccupationStudent of Cybernetics at Brno University of Technology, freelance orienteering mapper and programmer in various programming languages
ResidenceBrno (CZE)
HobbiesOrienteering, travelling, cycling, orienteering mapping, organizing
Favourite terrainTechnically demanding, very difficult to understand, but especially well mapped. For example french terrains in Auvergne or at Jura mountains.
Selected results 36. place, WOC 2011 Middle
34. place, EOC 2010 Middle
64. place, NOC 2009 Middle
8. place, JWOC 2008 Long
11. place, JWOC 2008 Middle
35. place, JWOC 2008 Sprint
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Iveta Duchova
ClubOK Lokomotiva Pardubice (CZE), OK Linné (SWE)
Born date17.04.1986
Born placePardubice (CZE)
OccupationPostgraduate student
ResidenceBrozany (CZE)
HobbiesOrienteering, cross-country skiing, skiing, hiking, reading,
Favourite terrainKarst and rocky
Info/Biography[Info not updated in 2012]
Got her WOC-debut on home soil in Czech Republic in 2008 with a 29th spot on the middle distance. Good in technical terrain - taking a 13th place in the very technical long distance race in France in the autumn of 2010.
Selected results 16. place, WOC 2011 Middle
25. place, WOC 2011 Sprint
26. place, WOC 2010 Middle
13. place, WC 2011 #7, Middle
22. place, WC 2011 #8, Long
23. place, WC 2011 #10, Sprint
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Michaela Omová
ClubOOB TJ Turnov (CZE), Söders SOL Tyresö (SWE)
Born date30.02.1981
ResidenceTurnov (CZE)
Selected results 25. place, WC 2011 #8, Long
39. place, WC 2011 #7, Middle
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Vendula Klechová
ClubHalden SK (NOR)
Born date26.02.1981
Born placeBruntal (CZE)
ResidenceHalden (NOR)
HobbiesTravelling, mountains, family
Favourite terrainScandinavian
Info/Biography[Info not updated in 2012]
A silver medalist in the WUOC 2004 middle. Her home club is Tesla Brno in Czech Rep. Working in Halden as a physioterapist. Has improved her performances again in 2009 and was a part of the Halden-team winning Tiomila. Back in the national team in 2009 and 2010. Took an 8th place at EOC 2010 at the long distance.
Selected results 14. place, WOC 2010 Long
15. place, WOC 2010 Middle
8. place, EOC 2010 Long
17. place, WOC 2009 Middle
17. place, EOC 2010 Middle
6. place, WOC 2010 Relay
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Jana Knapova
ClubOK Lokomotiva Pardubice (CZE), SNO (SWE)
Born date17.12.1990
ResidenceHolice (CZE)
Selected results 29. place, WC 2011 #7, Middle
34. place, WC 2011 #8, Long
51. place, WC 2011 #9, Middle
2. place, JWOC 2010 Relay
28. place, JWOC 2010 Middle
31. place, JWOC 2010 Long
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Stepan Kodeda
ClubSC Jičín (CZE), MS Parma (FIN)
Born date05.02.1988
Born placePilsen (CZE)
OccupationStudent Civil Engineering (Geotechnical structures) Czech technical university in Prague currently exchange at Aalto university (Helsinki)
ResidencePlzeň (CZE)
HobbiesOrienteering, sports, travelling, underground constructions
Favourite terrainNice end tricky
Info/Biography[Info not updated in 2012]
Strong as a junior, taking the gold for the Czech relay team in 2007, then winning the sprint in Sweden 2008. Made his senior debut on the Czech team at EOC 2008. Nominated for the Ultimate Junior of 2008 after winning the gold medal at JWOC sprint 2008 in Gothenburg.
Selected results 18. place, WOC 2011 Sprint
20. place, WC 2011 #7, Middle
21. place, WC 2011 #10, Sprint
24. place, WC 2011 #8, Long
30. place, WC 2011 #9, Middle
38. place, EOC 2010 Sprint
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Vojtech Kral
ClubSK Severka Šumperk (CZE), IFK Mora OK (SWE)
Born date04.07.1988
Born placeŠumperk (CZE)
OccupationStudent, occassional cartographer
ResidenceŠumperk (CZE)
HobbiesBooks, electric guitar, football
Favourite terrainAll challenging terrains
Selected results 35. place, WOC 2009 Sprint
84. place, WC 2009 #3, Middle
24. place, JWOC 2008 Sprint
44. place, JWOC 2008 Middle
62. place, JWOC 2008 Long
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Milos Nykodym
ClubSK Žabovřesky Brno (CZE), Kristiansands OK (NOR)
Born date09.12.1990
ResidenceBrno (CZE)
Selected results 50. place, WC 2011 #8, Long
62. place, WC 2011 #7, Middle
2. place, JWOC 2009 Sprint
74. place, WC 2010 #10, Long
12. place, JWOC 2010 Long
13. place, JWOC 2010 Sprint
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Jan Prochazka
ClubSK Praga Praha (CZE), Kalevan Rasti (FIN)
Born date11.09.1984
Born placePrague (CZE)
ResidenceDobřichovice (CZE)
HobbiesSkiing, hiking and beer drinking
Favourite terrainFast and technically demanding
Info/Biography[Info not updated in 2012]
Strong runner - sprint being his strongest discipline. Competed in the WOC sprint at home soil 2008, ending in 7th place. Changed club from Stora Tuna to Kalevan Rasti ahead of 2009-season. Running the first leg for Kalevan in Jukola-leading the pack after 1km running on the horse race track. Won Jukola with Kalevan Rasti in 2010.
Selected results 8. place, WOC 2011 Sprint
32. place, WOC 2011 Middle
15. place, WOC 2010 Sprint
16. place, WOC 2010 Long
5. place, WOC 2010 Relay
22. place, WOC 2009 Long
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Dana Safka Brožková
ClubSC Jičín (CZE), Domnarvets GoIF (SWE)
Born date28.04.1981
Born placeTurnov (CZE)
ResidencePraha (CZE)
HobbiesReading, creating of things – painting on silk, making of jewelry, playing the didgeridoo and other music instruments
Favourite terrainSometimes easy terrain, like it is in Czech Republic, sometimes the demanding terrain, like it was last year on the WOC in France
Info/Biography[Info not updated in 2012]
The best Czech runner along with Eva Jurenikova. Strong in all diciplins - but especially on the long distance where she took the gold medal in 2008 on home ground in Czech Republic. Her gold medal over the middle distance at WOC in Hungary in 2009 was a bigger surprise. Her big breakthrough was the bronze medal at the long distance in Denmark after many races close to the podium. A former world champion for juniors. Her sister Radka is also in the Czech team. Nominated for the Orienteering Achievement of the year in 2008 for winning an immensely popular Gold medal at the WOC Long distance at home ground in Olomouc, Czech Republic - under a lot of pressure from the big home crowd.
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Jan Šedivý
ClubSK Praga Praha (CZE), Stora Tuna IK (SWE)
Born date07.08.1984
Born placePrague (CZE)
OccupationOnline marketing
ResidencePraha (CZE)
HobbiesMusic, sport, reading books
Favourite terrainCzech sandstones
Selected results 27. place, WOC 2011 Long
24. place, WOC 2010 Middle
34. place, WOC 2010 Long
12. place, EOC 2010 Long
22. place, WOC 2009 Long
32. place, WOC 2009 Middle
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Tomáš Dlabaja
ClubOOB TJ Turnov (CZE), Söders SOL Tyresö (SWE)
Born date13.10.1983
Born placeZlin (CZE)
OccupationProject manager and Ph.D. student
ResidenceFryšták (CZE)
HobbiesReading and organizing of training camps
Favourite terrainStockholm area
Info/Biography[Info not updated in 2012]
This fast Czech runner is a sprint specialist who got his breakthrough with a 6th place at the WOC 2007 over the sprint - and repeated the result on homeground in Olomouc one year later. Has since struggled to get these top results - getting results between 15 and 20 in 2009 and 2010. Potential for another top 10 WOC result on a good day.
Selected results 31. place, WOC 2011 Sprint
18. place, WOC 2010 Middle
27. place, WOC 2010 Sprint
15. place, WOC 2009 Sprint
15. place, EOC 2010 Sprint
16. place, WC 2011 #10, Sprint
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