Overview: WOC Teams 2009

  Team Sweden WOC 2009 - 14 runners  

Team Overview - Disciplines*

1.Karolina A. Höjsgaard 9th place
Qual: 13rd place
2.David Andersson  6th place
Qual: 8th place
3.Annika Billstam   11st place
Qual: 9th place
4.Linnea Gustafsson medal
Qual: 6th place
  5th place
Qual: 6th place
5.Helena Jansson medal
Qual: 1st place
6th place
Qual: 2nd place
8th place
Qual: 4th place
6.Emma Johansson  16th place
Qual: 9th place
7.Martin Johansson 5th place
Qual: 13rd place
 Qual: 3rd place  
8.Mattias Karlsson    
9.Jenny Lönnkvist  27th place
Qual: 6th place
10.Mattias Millinger 10th place
Qual: 11st place
11.Kajsa Nilsson    medal
12.Peter Öberg  15th place
Qual: 6th place
13rd place
Qual: 4th place
13.Jonas Pilblad    
14.Emil Wingstedt 11st place
Qual: 2nd place
9th place
Qual: 14th place
6th place
Qual: 7th place

Note! The first 15 go to the final in the qualification races.

Detailed Team information

Karolina A. Höjsgaard
ClubDomnarvets GOIF (SWE)
Born date12.03.1971
Info/BiographyDouble world champion in Sweden 2004 (long and relay). Two children with her husband, Thomas Højsgaard from Denmark. Won Venla-relay with Domnarvet 2008. A surprise call-up to the Swedish WOC 2009-team after a third place on the sprint in O-Ringen. Competing in the sprint in Miskolc.
David Andersson
ClubMalungs OK Skogsmårdarna (SWE)
Born date25.12.1981
Info/BiographyStrong middle distance runner, with a breakthru in WOC 2005 in Japan with a 4th place. Impressed at EOC 2006 when he held Thierry Gueorgiou behind him and went solo on the last leg in the relay. Junior World champion in ski-orienteering 2001. Has been struggling with injury the last couple of seasons and withdrew from the WOC-team 2008 five days before the event. In 2009 he took a NOC-relay gold with Sweden and got an early call-up for the WOC-team-middle distance. Should also be a part of the relay team.
Annika Billstam
ClubIFK Lidingö (SWE)
Born date08.03.1976
Info/BiographyHad a big disappointment in Venla 2007 when she was leading on the last leg for OK Linné, only to be taken off the course because the team was disqualified on an earlier leg. Started orienteering in Järfälla OK. Educated as a phyisotherapist Changed from OK Linné to Lidingö this . Now working for the cross country race "Lidingöloppet", which is organized by her club.Running long distance at WOC 2008.
Linnea Gustafsson
ClubVisborgs OK (SWE)
Born date20.02.1986
Info/BiographyYoung Swede who made her national team debut in EOC 2008 with a 7th place on the sprint. That was enough to give her a chance in WOC as well, where she finished 15th. Changed over first after the first leg of Tiomila 2008. Changed from Visborgs OK to OK Hällen ahead of 2009-season. Bronze medalist on the Middle distance at World Games 2009 her major break-thru.
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Helena Jansson
ClubIF Hagen (SWE)
Born date28.08.1985
Born placeSkövde (SWE)
Info/BiographyJunior-star with six medals from 4 JWOC-years. Missed out on the individual medals in her last year as a junior, but took the step to senior class in impressive fashion being 8th and 11th at EOC 2006. Impressive orienteering technique, constantly improving her running with a tough training regime made by her coach Harri Viinimäki. Two gold medals at NOC 2007, and a relay silver in WOC 2007. Some injuryproblems in early 2008, but her first senior-title (expect NOC) came at EOC 2008 with a relay gold, Jansson running the last leg. The biggest star among the Swedish women, and the only one who has beaten Minna Kauppi in a World Cup race ahead of WOC, taking the NOC-gold on middle distance in Finland.
Emma Johansson
ClubDomnarvets GOIF
Info/BiographyOnly selected for the second team of Domnarvet for Tiomila 2009 (first team ended second), but came back in the team for Venla where she lost a lot of time on the last leg. Normally a strong relay runner, though, and selected for the Swedish WOC-team 2009.
Martin Johansson
ClubIFK Mora (SWE)
Born date26.09.1984
Born placeAvesta
Info/BiographySwedish Sprint champion 2005 in his first senior year, but did not get a place in the WOC-team. One gold and one silver at JWOC 2004 after being out for six months due to overtraining. Very strong skier and runner. Was in the leading group of Vasaloppet for 70kms 2006 and ended in around 50th place. Represented Sweden in U-23 WCH in Cross Country skiing 2007. Has a medal from JWOC-ski-o as well. Collapsed on the long distance in Kiev 2007, but came back to take a sensational bronze medal on the sprint a few days later. Studying about half-time in construction-engineering. Has two sisters and one brother. Had a toe-injury ahead of WOC 2008, but recovered in time to take another bronze medal on the sprint. In 2009 he got his first WC-victory when getting away from the leading group on a short route-choice leg at the WC chasing start in Oslo.
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Mattias Karlsson
ClubHalden SK (NOR)
Born date16.03.1984
Info/BiographyMade his WOC-debut 2007 on the sprint distance, but did not qualify for the final. Winner of Tiomila for Halden in 2006 and 2007. His swedish home club is Emmaboda Verda OK. Reserve for the Swedish WOC-team 2009.
Jenny Lönnkvist
ClubTullinge SK
Info/BiographyJunior-star who gets a chance at WOC 2009 on the middle distance, although it meant she missed her brother\'s wedding at the same weekend as the qualification race.
Mattias Millinger
Info/BiographyCurrently nothing available.
Kajsa Nilsson
ClubHalden SK (NOR)
Born date09.02.1982
Info/BiographyHad a strong season 2006 with two WOC-medals. Then out with some injuryproblems and she missed WOC 2007 and will also miss WOC 2008. Working for her club Halden as a consultant. Also studying to be a teacher.
Peter Öberg
ClubOK Hällen (SWE)
Born date17.04.1980
Info/BiographyVery strong middle distance runner with excellent technique. Running middle at WOC 2008 and should also be a candidate to the relay team, even though his mistake at EOC has probably not strengthened his chances.
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Jonas Pilblad
ClubIFK Göteborg
Born date31.08.1977
Info/BiographyStudying in Göteborg, but stayed for a long time in his home club Ok Skogsfalken. Changed to IFK Göteborg ahead of 2008-season. Won Elitserien overall 2006. A former junior world relay champion from 1997.
Emil Wingstedt
ClubHalden SK (NOR) /Leksands OK (SWE)
Born date09.05.1975
Born placeVäxjö (SWE)
Info/BiographyHas international medals from all diciplins, winning the last four EOC sprints and the WOC-sprints in 2005 and 2006. Lived in Norway for 10 years, first in Trondheim competing for NTNUI, then for Halden- winning Tiomila 4 times and Jukola one time. Works about 60% as a civil engineer in Halden. Lives together with Anja Mattick, a former member of the german national team. They have three children; Liam, born 2005, Minna, born 2007. A runner for the big occasions! Been strong also in World Cup 2008, and one of the main favorites for WOC 2008 sprint, he was on his way for the bronze medal, but run past a TV-control without punching. So no medal, but a real drama for the viewers and spectators. Will run the long and probablyrelay too.