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Athlete profile: Torgeir Nørbech
NOTE! Athlete background is outdated, last updated 2015-07-31 21:31:10
Orienteer with a lot of passion and love for the sport. Established solid technical abilities as a young junior, resulting in several JWOC appearances - a silver medal on the relay in 2007 and 6th place on the long distance in 2007 and 2009. Reentered international orienteering in 2014 running EOC, after struggling with reumatism since 2010. Definitive international breakthrough earning two top ten positions during the 3rd round of the World Cup 2014 in Kongsberg. Toe injury kept him out of the Norwegian WOC team in 2014. Making WOC debut in Scotland 2015.
ClubTyrving IL
Born placeRingerike
Born year1989
LivesOslo (NOR)

European Orienteering Championships (EOC)
Best result 32. place:

2014, Sprint, Palmela, Portugal

Best for each discipline:

Middle: 46. place 2014, Palmela, Portugal
Sprint: 32. place 2014, Palmela, Portugal

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World Cup (WC)
Best result 6. place:

2014, WC no. 8, Kongsberg, NOR, Long

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Junior World Orienteering Championships (JWOC)
2. place: Once

2007, Relay, Dubbo, Australia

Best for each discipline:

Long: 6. place last time 2009, San Martino, Italy
Middle: 10. place 2007, Dubbo, Australia
Sprint: 21. place 2009, San Martino, Italy
Relay: 2. place 2007, Dubbo, Australia

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NOCjr (NOCjr)
Best result 8. place:

2009, Long, Salo, Finland

Best for each discipline:

Long: 8. place 2009, Salo, Finland
Middle: 21. place 2009, Salo, Finland
Sprint: 11. place 2009, Salo, Finland

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Other international results

2012: Jukola 2012, 11. place (6. leg, Out: 7. place, In: 9. place, IL Tyrving)
2009: Jukola 2009, 16. place (6. leg, Out: 22. place, In: 17. place, IL Tyrving)

Torgeir Nørbech is found under the following names:
Torgeir Nörbech (2 times) Torgeir Norbech (8 times) Torgeir Nørbech (14 times) .

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Nydalten 2021 virutal edt. Kretsøkt langdistanse Burudvann Stafettøkt Skjettenåsen Forkorta lang Jondalen Natta på Ingierstrand Harry Lagerts #1 2019 NM mellom H 21 Norwegian Champs Long M21 NM lang H 21 KM Stafett VM-test mellom VM-test lang Mellom H 21 Kangasala-Jukola 3. os. World Cup round 1 mellom O-langtur Nordmarka Eikerløpet Knut Valstad Minneløp Lang H 21 WC gransk lang Mellom H 21 WC gransk mellom 10Mila 8. etp Natt Kullaskogen TIOøkt#1 2019 AOOK Tiotest Smaalenenløpet H 21 Postplukk Gutters Stafettøkt Akselås Otech Skolleborg/Æremærk Jons TIOtrening Borge Varde PP og korridori OL-intervall Ås by Night & Fog Cup #7 Kvillebyns klassiska GBG Teknikträning DM natt GBG O-intervall med landsen Mellomdistanse med landsen 2*KD med Blodslitetgafling Jons momang POM etp 3 Rolig gaflet natt Kurve-Mira POM etp 2 POM etp 1 Mellomdistanse Vagos i2 med BOK og i4 med TET ABOM Middle ABOM long NC sprint H 21