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Athlete profile: Krystal Neumann
Athlete background info last updated 2017-06-21 08:15:47
Competed at JWOC in 2008, 2009 and 2011, at the World University Championships in 2014 and finally at the highest level in the World Championships in 2015. Two top 30 positions in the World Cup in Tasmania in early 2015.
WoO RankingOverall: 69, Sprint: 64, Long: 54
World Ranking Middle/Long 143 / Sprint 109 (as of 18/4/2019)
ClubEnoggeroos (AUS), Järla Orientering (SWE)
Born placeBrisbane (AUS)
Born year1991
LivesCurrently Stockholm (SWE), moving to Brisbane (AUS)

World Orienteering Championships (WOC)
Best result 17. place:

2016, Relay, Stromstad, Sweden

Best for each discipline:

Long: 42. place 2017, Tartu, Estonia
Sprint: 39. place 2017, Tartu, Estonia
Relay: 17. place 2016, Stromstad, Sweden
MixedRelay: 19. place 2018, Riga, Latvia

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Overall World Cup (WC Overall)
Best result 63. place:

WC Overall 2016
WC Overall 2015

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World Cup (WC)
Best result 26. place:

2015, WC no. 3, Tasmania, AUS, Long

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Junior World Orienteering Championships (JWOC)
Best result 17. place:

2009, Relay, San Martino, Italy

Best for each discipline:

Long: 66. place 2009, San Martino, Italy
Middle: 44. place 2011, Rumia - Wejherowo, Poland
Sprint: 88. place 2008, Göteborg, Sweden
Relay: 17. place 2009, San Martino, Italy

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Other international results

IOF World Ranking:
World Ranking position: Middle/Long 143 / Sprint 109 (as of 18/4/2019)
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Krystal Neumann (34 times) .

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