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Athlete profile: Jon Aukrust Osmoen
Athlete background info may be outdated, last updated 2017-06-27 23:37:15
Aukrust Osmoen is called "The Wizard of Os" among his fellow students, being from the small town Os in Østerdalen. Had his national breakthrough in 2015 when he finished 4th in the Norwegian Championships middle distance. Qualified for EOC 2016, but without top results. Had a very strong spring season of 2017, fighting in the top in all disciplines on national level throughout the spring.
WoO RankingOverall: 63, Sprint: 39, Middle: 107, Long: 37
World Ranking Middle/Long 41 (as of 30/9/2020)
ClubNydalens SK
Born placeOs i Østerdalen (NOR)
Born year1992
LivesTrondheim (NOR)

World Orienteering Championships (WOC)
Best result 22. place:

2019, Long, Ostfold, Norway

Best for each discipline:

Long: 22. place 2019, Ostfold, Norway
Sprint: 30. place 2018, Riga, Latvia

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Overall World Cup (WC Overall)
Best result 126. place:

WC Overall 2014

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European Orienteering Championships (EOC)
Best result 32. place:

2014, Long, Palmela, Portugal

Best for each discipline:

Long: 32. place 2014, Palmela, Portugal
Middle: 59. place 2014, Palmela, Portugal
Sprint: Q25. place 2018, Tessin, Switzerland

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Junior World Orienteering Championships (JWOC)
3. place: Once

2012, Relay, Kosice, Slovakia

Best for each discipline:

Long: 40. place 2012, Kosice, Slovakia
Middle: 5. place 2012, Kosice, Slovakia
Sprint: 13. place 2012, Kosice, Slovakia
Relay: 3. place 2012, Kosice, Slovakia

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Other international results

IOF World Ranking:
World Ranking position: Middle/Long 41 (as of 30/9/2020)
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Jon Aukrust Osmoen (36 times) .

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NM sprint H 21 NM stafett NM mellom NM mellom H 21 NM lang NM lang H 21 KM stafett Nydalten Askerløpet Finndulten NM ultra Fossumløpet Oppdal 2-dagers #2 Oppdal 2-dagers #1 Kverninga del 1 Kverninga del 2 Nostalgi-O Alpen Cup Stafettøkt med klubben Longa Korona-Natten Åklungsprint Åpen kretsøkt @Høgåsen XTRM Brain Jøssingbakkesprint Båntjernsprint natt Blanksjøsprint #1 Blanksjøsprint rerun Hallandspremiären Rolig o-tek @ Gullbrandstorp Kattegattnatt del 1 Kattegattnatta del 2 Rolig o-tek Munkedal O-langtur Våler Varde Loops @ Smerta Korridor @ Smerta Ås by Fog Korridor Nattrenn Grønnliåsen O-morgen #155 Ås by Night #4 O-morgen #153 Mandagsrenn #4 Skienssamling #7 - O-langtur Skienssamling #5 - Drag 3 Skienssamling #5 - Drag 1 Skienssamling #5 - Drag 2 Skienssamling #2 Skienssamling #1 - natt O-morgen #152 O-morgen 151