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Athlete profile: Elias Thorsdal Mølnvik
NOTE! Athlete background is outdated, last updated 2016-07-05 01:08:39
Has been one of the top runners in Norway since the early youth classes. With his characteristic blonde hair, he has charmed his way to the top. When he is not in the woods collecting medals, he is often seen playing curve fever.
World Ranking Middle/Long 946 / Sprint 1093 (as of 20/1/2022)
Born placePorsgrunn (NOR)
Born year1996
LivesOslo (NOR)

World Cup (WC)
Best result 36. place:

2018, WC no. 10, Prague, CZE, Middle

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Junior World Orienteering Championships (JWOC)
Best result 15. place:

2016, Middle, Engadin, Switzerland

Best for each discipline:

Long: 16. place 2016, Engadin, Switzerland
Middle: 15. place 2016, Engadin, Switzerland
Sprint: 29. place 2016, Engadin, Switzerland

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1. place: Once

2014, Relay, Strumica, Macedonia

Best for each discipline:

Long: 13. place 2014, Strumica, Macedonia
Sprint: 7. place 2014, Strumica, Macedonia
Relay: 1. place 2014, Strumica, Macedonia

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Other international results

IOF World Ranking:
World Ranking position: Middle/Long 946 / Sprint 1093 (as of 20/1/2022)
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Elias Thorsdal Mølnvik is found under the following names:
Elias T Molnvik (1 times) Elias Molnvik (2 times) Elias Thorsdal Molnvik (5 times) Elias Mřlnvik (5 times) Elias Thorsdal Mølnvik (6 times) Elias Mølnvik (392 times) .

Maps from Omaps and 3DRerun
Masstart 10Mila trening 10mila-samling Nattrenn 10Mila-samling m/NTNUI (!) DM Natt Stockholm Sprint H 21 NC mellom H 21 Lang H 21 O-tek Smaalenenløpet H 21 O-tek i Trondheim(!) CampBjøllo #3 - Rolig mellom CampBjøllo#1- 2*KD MadridCamp#3 - Damn! MadridCamp#2 - Sprint Hardøkt MadridCamp #1 - Mellomdistanse Mellomdistanse O-intervaller Tiosamling#1 Lang nattøkt NC sprint H 21 NM mellom H 21 NM lang H 21 Norwegian Champs Ultralong 2018 - H21 NM ultra H 21 NC Rauland H 21 Postplukk i norges beste  terreng(?) Sprint Prepp Enger Challenge 2018 O-intervall O-tek i snødrev Mellomdistanse Korridor #2 O-Ints La Mata Long rerun 52/100 Mellomdistanse Mellomdistanse Langdistanse N-Course 1 forsøk #Overtenning Rolig Søntek Samlingsmesterskap 10Mila-Camp #6 O-tek Del 1 - Portugisisk kystorientering 10Mila-Camp#4 Del 1 O-tek Del 1 - Portugisisk kystorientering 10Mila-Camp#4 Del 2 Langdistanse O-tek Fellesstart Natt Nattog 10Mila-Camp #1 NM Lang O-Ints Kretstrening Langdistanse