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Athlete profile: Audun Heimdal
Athlete background info may be outdated, last updated 2016-07-05 01:25:01
The most merited runner on the Norwegian team. Not the tallest one, but definitely one of the fastest runners. Even though he has got several offers from big clubs, he has remained in little Konnerud. Also a top international ski-orienteer. Top international ski-orienteering results: 3rd Place in JWSOC 2015 Middle. 3rd Place in JWSOC 2016 Sprint. 2nd Place in JWSOC 2016 Relay
WoO RankingOverall: 113, Sprint: 58, Middle: 75
World Ranking Middle/Long 29 / Sprint 26 (as of 19/6/2021)
ClubKonnerud IL (SkiO), NTNUI (FootO)
Born placeDrammen (NOR)
Born year1997
LivesKonnerud (NOR)

World Cup (WC)

Junior World Orienteering Championships (JWOC)
1. place: 2 times

2017, Relay, Finland
2017, Relay, Finland

2. place: Once

2017, Middle, Finland

3. place: Once

2016, Middle, Engadin, Switzerland

Best for each discipline:

Long: 5. place 2017, Finland
Middle: 2. place 2017, Finland
Sprint: 15. place 2017, Finland
Relay: 1. place last time 2017, Finland

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Other international results

IOF World Ranking:
World Ranking position: Middle/Long 29 / Sprint 26 (as of 19/6/2021)
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Audun Heimdal is found under the following names:
Audun Heimdal (20 times) .

Maps from Omaps and 3DRerun
Tsjekkiasamling #9 - Langdistanse-trening Tsjekkiasamling #7 - Mellomdistanse Q hardøkt Tsjekkiasamling #8 - Mellomdistanse finale hardøkt Tsjekkiasamling #5 - Stafetthardøkt Tsjekkiasamling #6 - Rolig o-tek Tsjekkiasamling #3 - O-ints Tsjekkiasamling #4 - Langstrekk & Microsprint Tsjekkiasamling #1 - Postplukk Tsjekkiasamling #2 - Mellomdistanse EOC Sprint EOC KO-sprint QF EOC KO-sprint SF EOC KO-sprint F EOC KO-sprint Qual Sveitsisk mesterskap sprint O-tek Tjønnstuggu Søntek del 1 Søntek del 2 O-tek Vikåsen O-ints Driftsveien Moment-o Jervskogen del 1 Moment-o Jervskogen del 2 O-tek Trolla nattRenn Vikåsen Onstek Hangervåttan Mandagsplukk Mandagsplukk Stafett-hardøkt Hangervåttan O-tek Hvitebjørn O-tek Hvervenbukta A O-tek Hvervenbukta B O-tek Hvervenbukta C O-tek Hvervenbukta D O-tek Hvervenbukta E O-tek Vammenåsen WSOC Sprint Relay WSOC Middle WSOC Pursuit WSOC Sprint Ski-o NC sprint Skei Ski-o NM mellom Ski-o mellom Ski-o NM lang Mellomdistanse Lygna Ski-o NM sprint Ski-o mellomdistanse hardøkt Ski-o sprint hardøkt NM mellom 2018 Natt-o Høgås O-tek Svartskog