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Athlete profile: Assar Hellstrom
World Ranking Middle/Long 2036 (as of 21/1/2019)

Junior World Orienteering Championships (JWOC)
1. place: Once

2014, Relay, Bulgaria

2. place: Once

2014, Long, Bulgaria

Best for each discipline:

Long: 2. place 2014, Bulgaria
Sprint: 8. place 2014, Bulgaria
Relay: 1. place 2014, Bulgaria

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Note that some EYOC results may be missing.

1. place: Once

2012, Relay, Limousin, Bugeat, France

Best for each discipline:

Long: 12. place 2012, Limousin, Bugeat, France
Sprint: 25. place 2012, Limousin, Bugeat, France
Relay: 1. place 2012, Limousin, Bugeat, France

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Other international results

2011: Jukola 2011, 80. place (1. leg, 67. place, OK Ravinen)
2010: Jukola 2010, 84. place (4. leg, Out: 48. place, In: 55. place, OK Ravinen)

IOF World Ranking:
World Ranking position: Middle/Long 2036 (as of 21/1/2019)
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Assar Hellstrom is found under the following names:
Assar Hellström (3 times) Assar Hellstrom (6 times) .

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Silva League #7 - Lång, Juniorer (H20) Medel DM 2012 Lång DM 2012 Sprint SM Final del 1 Sprint SM Final del 2 Natt SM 2012 del 1 Natt SM 2012 del 2 Medel-KM 2012 Husadubbeln med Sillva League Husadubbeln med Sillva League WRE Järla Medeldistans Påsk-OL Grymnatta Framförhållnings OL Moment-OL Snack OL Sista träningen Turkiet Moment-OL i Turkiet Sanddyne OL i Turkiet Kurvbild i Turkiet OL intervaller i Turkiet Långdistans i Turkiet med fina höjdkurvor Turkish O-cup etapp 3 Sprintträning i Turkiet Turkish O-cup Turkisk Vinterserie med Attunda